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Battle between Anthem & Destiny 2

Discussion in 'News & Rumors' started by Carlo, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Carlo


  2. Rykroft


    Interesting material is shown on that article. As a veteran Destiny Player I would say that even if the community around Destiny is bigger, a lot of them are not necessarily pleased with Bungie.

    Forget my English, remember that my first language is the Spanish.
    I will start saying a few things about my experience with Destiny.

    Here are the facts:

    - Bungie promised something (a dazzling story) and failed to deliver.

    - Some of the "DLC" were a joke. For example, House of Wolves, a very short campaign in the same maps, 1 new strike, a silly new pve arena (Prison of Elders) a few pvp maps and that all... no RAID, no new map, no new features, etc...

    - They said that all your progress will carry over in Destiny 2, but they take a step back with that decisions.

    - "Someone" (Bungie itself maybe?) leak the info that Destiny will be a 10 year game, I know some players (not necessarily a few) who bought Destiny because they wanted to play for 10 years. But in the end... we realised that they would milk us for 10 years instead.

    - Every single update was just a reskin and recycle of old asset in the game. Specially the last one "Rise of Iron" (they even use the same NPC...)

    - Bugs.... bugs and more bugs...

    Link outdated but is an example.

    - The reward system... o my god.... I'm starting to have nightmares again". You can grind for a hole day, but when you come back with all those beautiful purple engram to the tower, you find out that you only farm a pile of shit. In pvp you can finish on TOP all you want, but you always receive the worse kind of loot and, on contrary, someone who just hide the hole match received better rewards, A LOT BETTER. Rank up factions is a joke...


    here is what you receive after 3 years of game, and reach RANK 100.

    Yes that my main....please cry with me...

    - Microtransaction, oh I'm ok with that, as long as they give you zero advantage in the game, but.... they wont carry over in Destiny 2 and even worse, they were badly implemented in Destiny 1.

    - What else...loading screens? no dedicate server? constant crash and kicks to orbit?
    Error Code: Baboon OMFGL.... I stooped counting them 2 years ago... and they keep showing.

    I could keep writing for hours, but.... the true is that EVEN after ALL those things I still enjoy the game, and I have played for thousand of hours.

    So.... you would ask, WHY? Why you keep coming back to Destiny? Are you masochist?
    Well simple, because I love the gameplay and I don't have other option. I never like The Division because of the setting, I want a futurist world, and... Ubisoft alternative is, in fact, the same as Destiny.

    Bungie have a serious competition now, believe me, and personally, I've already left the boat...

    We need to have faith in Bioware and pray they don't make the same mistakes.
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    • Carlo


      My Avatar is a space tiger with a red tie (sound familiar) and I wrote for a year and half about Destiny befor it came out. Know all the dirt. Won't go any further, don't want to throw things in the casa.
    • Matthew


      I agree with everything you've said, ESPECIALLY the reward system, story, and the DLC. They need to make the reward system worth while, the story needs to be fulfilling, and new DLC needs add something meaningful.