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ARE WE PIGEONS EA? The Live Service.


ARE WE PIGEONS EA? The Live Service.

There is something unnerving about MMORPGFPS or the Shared world RPG/FPS game. Something doesn't feel right, I feel like your not playing a game but being played. I first noticed it in Destiny, not to hit on Destiny there are others. The compulsion to play a game, not the enjoyment to play a game. That mindless drive to continue for countless hours playing for a reward, shards, legendary weapons for self gratification with no story or meaning or endgame. Only the reward. The mindless grinding or pecking to get that shiny object. When You finally get that item there isn't even a pause in the game, but the compulsion to continue playing for the next shiny object. What kind of mindset have we fallen into. Were we being manipulated in some way to perform a task, trained if you will to behave in a certain way for a certain reward. There is something at work here.

Algorithms, loot boxes, microtransactions, pay to play and now gambling and other mechanics that are designed to keep us in a behavioral loop. We don't buy a game anymore and say we have beaten it and look for the next game we might have fun in or a challenge. Now games have become a service, an endless supply of new characters, weapons, skins and events to keep one hand on the controller and the other on our wallet. Something is at work here and we need to understand it, or at least made aware of it.


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