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Anthem: What are you most looking forward to?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by JUNEBUG, Jul 1, 2017.


    JUNEBUG Member

    Personally, for me it has to be the luxurious lore of this game.

    I really can't wait to explore every inch of this game with it's lore and mystics!

    What about you guys? ​
  2. Matthew


    I'm really excited for the lore as well, and exploring the entire world.

    I'm most excited for the (hopefully) unique gameplay and playing with friends in a true open world.
  3. Carlo


    I would have to agree with the both of you. Exploring with others, I mean really exploring not just running through some location gun blazing. "Hey, you guys check this out over here", throughout a game will be fun.
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    • BinaryNumb


      Oh man, totally, grouping up and taking on the world!! hands down!
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      • JUNEBUG

        JUNEBUG Member

        Then I definitely want you on my team Carlo! I can already see by your threads you're as interested as well. Really great to have someone who feels the same way. Especially about that "guns blazing" part
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        • Rykroft

          Rykroft Active Member

          I could say, amazing Storytelling, addictive gameplay, regular updates, and the list goes on.... but....

          The last time Bioware try to make an MMO or Cooperative game they made SWTOR and, 1-2 month after the release, EA fired a lot of people and put the game in autopilot mode. So.... I would say that my great wishes is that Anthem Staff remain in their jobs for a long looooong time so they could deliver all the things they couldn't in SWTOR and improve the game on a regular basic.

          That my great wish, that the game continue to amaze me for a decade, and in order to do that we need that EA understand that the TEAM need to fix bugs and improve the game on the march.
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