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Anthem to Feature Elemental Skills and Combat?


Source: https://gamerant.com/anthem-elemental-combat-skills/


So I just read this article and it seems very likely that Anthem will feature Elemental skills and combat. Here is a quote from the article:

According to a closer look at the trailer by YouTuber Arrekz Gaming, it seems that Anthem may feature elemental skills and loadouts. Towards the end of the Anthem trailer, two others players join the game to form a team, and when their names pop up they also have some icons next to them.

The icons seem to depict a bolt of lightning and a snowflake, and these – combined with concept art for the game – highly suggest that players can customize their Javelin suits and their abilities based on the elements. That could also lead to players working together to build the best team composition for a specific type of enemy.
This opens combat to many exciting possibilities and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'm also interested in their explanation for using elemental abilities since this is a sci-fi game and not fantasy.
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Hopefully they learned from Destiny, the charged times were to long and were not upgradable. Elemental powers have been a mainstay of fantasy games. Let's see what they do with this combat style, hopefully something unique.


Actually you can upgrade it, you have 3 stats (int, disc and str) and 4 ranks in each one. Every time you upgrade the rank the cooldown decrease.

Any way, I'm agree with you with the fact that the mechanic doesn't work very well, basically you could leave the 3 stats in rank 1 and see little different in you gameplay.
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Thanks for the correction :) haven't played Destiny for sometime...but you made the correction and my point. I would like to see (please BioWare) something better, different and MORE complete. If you do you will get Christmas gifts from me.
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