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Anthem Nov 15 Livestream Discussion


There was an a livestream yesterday featuring the character customization features. You can change your helmet, arms, chest, legs, paint, wear state, and animations (emotes, landing, victory pose). You have six layers to modify, three hard surfaces and three soft surfaces, and different materials such as metal, fabric and leather.

What do you guys think?



Yup, I saw it yesterday, I'm really exited about it.
Can't wait for my "Custom Legend of Dawn N7 Edition", probably I will chose a darker palette or another material with less specularity.


I thought the live stream of customization was more helpful than the previous live stream. Customzation is a large part of what Anthem is hoping to be, this was a very helpful window into this aspect of Anthem. The suggestions from viewers were taken into account, which was also encouraging. So far feedback from the community has been taken into their design of the came, and their willingness to listen. Which is a very good thing heading into the last months before launch. This will help out after launch.
Did not expect this variation to the Ranger (I'm referring to the front panel) Customzation. I hope they are going to include ammo pouches or other gear as in this screenshot. The Collousus just looks - well - can I have one please.image.jpeg

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