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VG247 Anthem’s official PS4 trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel is actually Xbox One X gameplay


PlayStation YouTube caught using Xbox One X Anthem gameplay with PS4 inputs overlaid on Xbox One X controls.

When Bioware’s science-fantasy game Anthem was announced at Microsoft’s E3 press briefing, the open-world semi-mmo looked equal parts gorgeous and intriguing.

Digital Foundry dissected the gameplay footage from the show, suggesting it will use 4K checkerboarding on the Xbox One X.

We haven’t seen the title run on the PS4 Pro yet, despite there being an official teaser trailer on the PlayStation YouTube account. In an embarrassing turn of events, the footage is actually the Xbox One X gameplay.


Eurogamer reports that at a number of points in the video, you can see that button prompts have been overlaid with PS4 inputs. People in the comments section of the video picked up on the shenanigans.

The image above was captured at 4:37 with the video playing at 0.25 speed.

We still don’t know if the game will look comparable on the two consoles, so this wasn’t the best way to debut the PS4 version what with it not having even been recorded on the console. Plus the description says “PS4”, not PS4 Pro, which is even more misleading.

It’s just a big fat mess all around.

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