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Another Race to Play?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    “Oh the Scars have a heavy”, wait what did she just say. Let me pose a theory and a possibility for you to consider. I wondered about the heavy (it looked like an Exosuit) the Scars were using at the ambush site, it didn't disappear along with the other fallen Scars.That usually means something you can loot. What if Paul was not human, minus the human voice of Paul. If the Scars could operate a Colossus then why couldn't Paul (playable character) be a Scar. In BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition you could play another race, a Qunari. This could open up storylines, lore, locations, customization and a host of possibilities down the road. Maybe the Scars are not a race but a band of marauders with humans within their ranks. Whatever the case may be the concept of having another playable race could bring a lot to the game. What's your thoughts on having another race to play.
  2. Matthew


    I would love having another race to play. This would open up so many possibilities regarding the lore, story line and game play. If the Scar is a playable race, than perhaps the humans and scars were once allies? Maybe there was a battle or war that separated us.
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    • Carlo


      There is diffenitly history with them, no "hey what are those things" or "I've heard about them". The fact that they picked up Jarra's wrath and were able to use it a Scars weapon or human means something. In games the developer introduces a very interesting race or species. They just blow it and over look a unique twist in the game, storyline etc. Destiny did this with the Psion's. If not at launch somewhere down the road when we go "man I would love to play those guys in the game".
    • Rykroft

      Rykroft Active Member

      Of course they should add a different race. The races should be humanoids (javelin compatible), they should have similar oxygen and nutritive requirements and of course they should speak a common language. Is sci-fi after all, so I'm almost 100% sure that they will introduce something like that in the game, and I'm eager to find out more about the biology of those species.
      (couldn't resist, I'm a nerd scientist you know...)

      awww.writeups.org_wp_content_uploads_Mordin_Solus_Mass_Effect_ME2_h7.jpg [/spiler]
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      • Carlo


        I would like to see a different written language, a native language. This way there would be history tied to it and the deciphering of the language would unlock quest or dungeons. It also would be interesting to have a geological component to the game/history. There are some interesting geological formations that could be apart of the storyline. The history of a native race, their language, history would add more immersion to the world and possible story threads. Just like Mass Effect and Dragon Age there was backstory tied to each race that created a larger world, a more interesting world. For a game planned for ten years there has to be depth, BioWare has provided this in the past. I hope they do it again
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