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A Twist on PVP

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    First let me point out that Jonathan Warner, in his interview at E3 did not commit to PVP in Anthem. Anthem is a Shared-World RPG and may or may not have PVP in it. But for the sake of discussion let's say there will be PVP. What if, instead of running around in a tiny “PVP MAP” until your eyes bug out, you would have the Wilds of Anthem. In that same interview Jonathan Warner said that enemies would also come in Exosuits. What if you could be a Marauder, out in the Wilds of Anthem exploring, fighting monsters and ambushing Freelancers when you encountered them. The “Bad Guys”, out to make a Freelancer's life a bit more difficult. There could even be a storyline.

    Let me add to my speculation. The two auto cannons on the outside platform looked as if they're meant to defend against something that is flying, considering the perch their on. The Scars ambush had a heavy or a Colossus, I notice that a body was thrown out of it when destroyed, a human looking body. So, what if that flag icon is a marauder base, their Hub? What if the same rules apply to marauders, no more than four in a squad, exploration, monsters and loot are the same. You can loot them and vice versa.


    There will probably be a fixed number of players in any instance. So the numbers could shift in any direction. There could be a squad and single players to create an interesting mix. There is always the guy that camps as a sniper, what if you could take him out and then put a mine there. In your gameplay you get a notification that the mine went off and one kill, he may not want to return there. There could be an Attack & Defend the Walls Platform. Attackers and defenders get XP and kills until the attackers are wiped out. One could have a field day with the different possibilities that this could present, or maybe not. My point is if there is PVP, make it different and add to the uniqueness of Anthem. Make the world dynamic in all aspects of gameplay. Your thoughts.
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    • Any of you are familiar with NCSoft's mmorpg called AION?

      Yeah, I'd like to see a similar 2 faction-based PVP in Anthem.

      In AION it was Elyos vs Asmodians races/factions. In Anthem it could be Freelancers vs "Marauders". Or something wittier, I'm not good with names.

      I'll still play it even if it doesn't have any PvP. I'd rather have any form of PvP built into the game from its core design, then implementing it at later pre-alpha stages as an afterthought.
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      • Carlo


        Not familiar with AION, but the concept is there. There are a lot of possibilities that can be implemented if BioWare has PVP in Anthem. To have the same old tried and true PVP map and game play with a new IP would show a lack of imagination. All indications point to the fact that BioWare wants to make something outside of the box. Hopefully.
      • Rykroft

        Rykroft Active Member

        Mmmm factions... I like the idea, but if this is gonna be like Destiny mmmmm....I don't think it would be feasible.

        If you want to develop an MMO with factions you need to expend twice the time and resources to develop twice the asset in the game, biggest map, different social hubs, etc, etc. Is more easy to develop a game with just one faction (with different species for customisation) and put some standard PvP arenas on it.

        This will be a console co-op game or semi MMO, factions would put a heavy load on consoles servers on detriment of the gameplay.
        The time when you saw a battle between two +50 man army on the same map/city has gone. Honestly, I prefer a small battle between 2 small teams (4vs 4 or 3vs 3) instead of a massive battle were your win or loose depending on the size of your army and not because of your skills.

        In any case, if they find a way and implement large PvP battle (like Guild Wars 2), I still think it would be great if they just avoid factions.
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        • Carlo


          Yes developing a MMO kind of gameplay would be resources intensive, plus that wasn't my aim. Given the resources for each player model to have two factions would put a strain on the servers. This could possibly be achieved by limited numbers of players 4 by 4 in any combination within any instance. Small encounters would serve the purpose of a underpopulated world and reduce the load on the servers and rendering on character models. This could be done with a limit on the amount of animal life or other assists within an instance to allow the character rendering. I am perfectly happy if BioWare focuses all their assists on Anthem as a Open-World RPG. Just considering how Destiny divided players into two camps PVP vs PvE. It would be nice to see a different approach.
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          • Rykroft

            Rykroft Active Member

            You will always have a PvP vs PvE drama, not because the PvEers hate PvP but because PvP players are usually competitive, very competitive.

            As a developer, If you want to satisfy both, you need to build 2 different systems, like PvP only stats for characters, gear and weapons. That means, 2 teams, one for PvE and another for PvP, or twice the time..... to cup it all.... twice the resources.

            You ARE the hero in a PvE game, and sadly in PvP you would lose all that features that make you "the" hero, sometimes permanently.

            For example, look at Destiny, when you finished the firs Raid on Hard and defeat Atheon you had a very small chance to obtain the Vex Mythoclas, which is basically a laser autorifle, a very strong weapon obtained with dedication, blood, tears, sacrifice and lot of luck. It was your "Ultima Weapon" your "Ashbringer" or "Warglaives of Azzinoth" your "Exalibur" or "Murasame" (you understand right?), basically your endgame badass ultrapowerful weapon that only a few selected people obtained during their MMO life.
            But.... there is always a but.... some people entered PvP with THAT Mythoclast and the dilemma began.
            Bungie "solution" was to NERF the Mythoclast and every single weapon difficult to obtain in the game, why? because the PvP players started crying (pvp did not offer the same kind of rewards, obviously). The game was badly designed, every weapon work in the same way, regardless what you were doing, PvP or PvE. And instead of forbid the weapon in PvP, they just nerd it....
            In Destiny 2 they just simple F$#&"@ off with the weapon system..... of course all the PvPers are now happy, but the rest directly quit the game on the beta.

            So.... we were deprived of our endgame reward. Ergo, we lose an important feature in any RPG, the endgame loot.

            Which leads me to what I had already postulated in the beginning, YOU ARE THE HERO, you have gear and weapons obtained with your sacrifice, persistence and party cooperation, you look at your screen and see your awesome kickass character, with all that wonderful gear and say.....

            "Yes I'm a bad ass, fear me mortals, fear me". (and then you log in and died in the most pathetic way..... but well no one is perfect)

            I want to start a journey, I want to be the main character, I want to jump into danger, alone or with my friends, so together in the end, we can all become the ones who saved the day. Not because I will be ranked, not because I will end first in the PvP leaderboards, but because we will have fun like never before.
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            • Carlo


              Absolutely right on the money Rykroft. PVP and PvE are two different games with two different players/play styles. Destiny showed this in the worst way, mainly catering to the PVP players (nothing against PVP). In Destiny we came to the conclusion that after the campaign (that's what it was), there was endless grinding and mind numbing repetition. Trying to be everything to everyone has its repercussions. Double the resources and the discussion to dedicate to the most demanding part of the game which is PVP. Jonathan Warner rightful did not comment to PVP in Anthem, if they had learned anything from Destiny and the beta you quickly realized where Destiny 2 was headed, back to square one or Destiny 1.

              If BioWare creates 12 km of wilderness only to go down a rabbit hole to face some boss, they will effectively recreated Destiny. If Anthem is an OPEN-WORLD RPG then consider if PVP has a place in that world. If the PVP is added as a seperate game, which it would be, consider the games that have tried this approach. Consider this BioWare, you had Mass Effect which was a RPG, one of the great game of all times. Titanfall 2 (BioWare under the umbrella of EA games) a first person shooter with a campaign, which is having success after finding what it was. Two games with two different identities. The consumer has a clear choice and a successful gaming experience. Oh, long term success for the franchise.

              I am interested in exploring all 12km of that wilderness not to find one rabbit hole, but to discover as many different wonders that the BioWare team can come up with. Let their imagine loss so Anthem can truly be a Dynamic World. If PVP is left out of Anthem so all the resources can be dedicated to a great RPG game, so be it. Success is making the hard discussions. "Being all things to everyone and pleasing none," don't let this be the heading for the review on Anthem on launch.
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