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A Plea To BioWare!


Re: To the launch of Anthem.
BioWare there seems to be a trend in AAA developers to launch a game not complete, bug free, and the worst not what was advertised to the consumer. I can list a host of games from Destiny to Fallout 76, but what is clear is the consumer is left with paying for R&D from a AAA developer (this shouldn't be crowdfunding). We buy a hyped game from a trusted developer (or we thought was trusted) and find to our dismay that it isn't what was promised or advertised. The game is half baked or not at all, we as the consumer are left with a underdeveloped, poorly executed, and poorly focused game with massive patches. Hundreds of dollars and years later we get a game that resembles the game that was initially advertised. If that. The gaming community tolerance for this practice has come to an end, the fan base is shifting to trusted developers with proven games.
My plea to BioWare is not to follow this trend. You have stated that Anthem will be complete from day one, and you have wisely listen to the feedback from the community on different aspects of Anthem through demos and forums. If you discover in the Alpha/Beta that some things are amiss in Anthem or not what was expected by the community, then by all means push back the launch. No massive patch at launch, no glitchy NPCs, broken guest, flicking terrain, unable to matchup with friends, or the occasional server crash. I would rather be pleased with Anthem and wanting more than thinking, what the hell did you push back the launch if the game isn't complete or poorly executed. The initial response from the community after the launch of Anthem should be that it is good and a solid game. That we have a clear understanding of its further Potential with additional releases of content. In the current climate of games being released that shouldn't have, Anthem and BioWare can not afford to bungle this launch with “This is good enough for now, we will fix it after launch.” If time is money so is underdevelopment.
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I think that EA is finally listening to players. The developers have been very active on Reddit and replying to people's posts (see here: Dev tracker). After the Battlefront 2 fiasco, they really turned the game around. I hope/think they are going to take what they learned then, and apply it to Anthem. The fact that they pushed back the release to 2019 says good things.


If BioWare keeps their feet on the ground, as they have done so far. Anthem should be the one who cracked the shared world RPG nut. That's a good thing for the gaming community.

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