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A Dynamic World!

ANTHEM “A dynamic world where the unexpected is around every corner.”

[days-36-hours-278-lvl32] -posting about the Cydnus research facility-you've been warned!

Once again we found the hidden cleft amongst the thick vegetation in the canyon wall. Moving through it we came to the rusted out platform and stairs that overlooked the shaft that lead to Cydnus, we started our descent.

We cleared the last broken staircase to the bottom level of this crumbling and long dead research facility. Landing in once was a large circular reception hall. We paused for a moment to reacquaint ourselves with the many doorways, that lead down corridors that spread out like tentacles off the main hall.
Our headlamps could barely cut through the inky blackness of this underground tomb. Complicated by the clouds of dust and rotting debris stirred up by our jetpacks.

We've been down here a half a dozen times in the past searching for hidden gems of experimental weapons, Exosuit components and crafting material in this maze of decaying chambers and labs. This time was to locate a rumored vault, hidden within the facility that was said to contain something of immense importance.

We were about to move down our separate corridors as planned considering our previous searchers. I don't remember who, but someone muttered over the com, “Wait something has changed…Nobody move”. Nobody said a word. The silence hung in the still air like a shroud. That familiar sound as weapons powered up, echoed down lifeless corridors as we stood like statues desperately peering into the black emptiness. You could feel it like a cold shiver that went down your spine. Something had indeed changed…. “I barked into the mic, Something is down here!”

That's the last thing I remember, that's the last thing any of us remembered!

Will there be something unexpected around every corner for the sixth time In the world of Anthem. Will we be able to say, “something has changed”. Will the world of Anthem alter or adapt to the changing events that unfold around us. We must feel that events, time and our efforts have some impact on the world. Pushing back the forces that want to destroy humanity or protecting Fort Tarsus must show some tangible results. There must be some progression.

We are accustom to a day and night cycle, a level of NPC interaction, and a host of other small increments to produce immersion. But for the most part the console game worlds are largely static. We never take back anything or clear out whatever foul denizen that lives in a Dungeon. To be a truly dynamic world it must have a level of randomness, an active environment and a world that reacts to the larger events that happen.

Each time we enter Anthem we must feel that it's alive, it has changed in some way. That NPC is no longer there, or anywhere. Changes to our environment, the Wall, weather, animals, enemies even the bizarre all have been slightly altered. As if Anthem took a breath and the world was ruffled for it. If BioWare can truly, I mean truly achieve a dynamic world it would set them apart form the static crowd. Setting the future for gaming for the next ten years and countless hours of enjoyment.
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Great article Carlo! I agree with everything you've said. I really do hope Bioware creates this level of immersion. A world where we can see the everlasting affect we had on it.
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