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new members

  1. C

    Great experience!! PS4 Family

    Hey peeps Calhoun21 here, and I’m new to this but hopefully something magical happens. I’ve been wanting a game like this for a long time. And ready to non stop play. My main Javelin will be an Interceptor! That’s my style of play and Ranger as an Alternative, for other help later down the game...
  2. AK0NN

    PC [EU/NA]Abyss Walkers[WALK] RECRUITING (PC)

    Hey! Akonn Here! Who we are? We are just an EU/NA guild with some experience with MMO RPG and ONlLINE games that want to create a funny and great community. What you need to join? We are open to players with any kind of skillset, be it completely new player or veterans. We will gladly help...