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  1. M

    PC Casual Gaming Crew (CGC) | Family Friendly

    Casual Gaming Crew are hitting Anthem, if you want to game with others that put life and family first, then come join us, over 18s only Discord: CGC Discord
  2. TAW-Denokiller


    My Name is Denokiller (Pronounced: Den O Killer, like an Irish name). I Have recently Been promoted to Staff Officer in our new Anthem Division in The Art of Warfare. I am a Older Gamer, but I love to play. Look me up if you want to play on PC sometime Origin: TAW-Denokiller Our TAW...

    XB1 FAIRYTAIL || DISCORD || MATURE 18+ ||recruiting

    Are you concerned you wont have anyone to explore anthem with, and all of its amazing content? Well look no further, as Fairytail may be the right spot for you. I started this guild for when Anthem launches on Xbox one as a way to bring players of all MMO levels together. We will be looking to...
  4. C

    Great experience!! PS4 Family

    Hey peeps Calhoun21 here, and I’m new to this but hopefully something magical happens. I’ve been wanting a game like this for a long time. And ready to non stop play. My main Javelin will be an Interceptor! That’s my style of play and Ranger as an Alternative, for other help later down the game...
  5. AK0NN

    PC [EU/NA]Abyss Walkers[WALK] RECRUITING (PC)

    Hey! Akonn Here! Who we are? We are just an EU/NA guild with some experience with MMO RPG and ONlLINE games that want to create a funny and great community. What you need to join? We are open to players with any kind of skillset, be it completely new player or veterans. We will gladly help...
  6. M0m

    Javelin Junkies is looking for members :)

    Hey, let me introduce myself real quick. I'm M0m aka David. I come from a game called Sea of Thieves, where I led two of the biggest Communities on Discord and also created a large fan website. For Anthem, I am really looking forward to the beautiful world and just having a blast with friends...