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  1. H

    Anthems Current State 2/26/19

    I have played this game for at least 40 hours total and with that stated, I know what my opinion is about it that I want to state where I feel the majority of the player base can agree. Please keep in mind that I too paid full retail price for this game, so I have every right to say what I’m...

    PC La Forja - EU PC - Spanish Community/Comunidad Española

    Saludos a toda la comunidad, somos un grupo de españoles, de mentalidad madura, que lleva jugando mas de 10 años juntos, algunos hasta 15 años... Intentamos que el enfoque sea crear un grupo para divertirnos y en el que la amistad es lo principal. Solemos jugar a bastante juegos, pero siempre...
  3. Matthew

    What we know so far

    I would like to give credit to BSN.Boards.net for this information. The Game Concept Team with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both combined effort and individual skill. Each player’s choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role. As...
  4. S

    Lets build this community :D

    Hey heyy! Just recently joined up after seeing a few fellow Freelancers on the Anthem Universe Discord server post some links to here. So anything Anthem, I am ready to be apart of! My name is Garret, I am foremost a gamer, but I also run a YouTube channel, Sly Nation. I'm on PC as well as Xbox...
  5. R

    What we know so far - Speculations

    So with the teaser we saw on EA's conference, I looked at what we know based on the teaser and some information found elsewhere. We should know more after Microsoft's conference.