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  1. WaywardSatellite

    Anthem VIP Demo Recap and Impressions

    Most of the people here already know this stuff, it's more for anyone less in-the-know, but it gets into some basic similarities between Mass Effect 3 Co-op and Anthem. Hopefully it's also fun for anyone just looking for more Anthem content to watch/listen to while waiting for the game to come...
  2. S

    Lets build this community :D

    Hey heyy! Just recently joined up after seeing a few fellow Freelancers on the Anthem Universe Discord server post some links to here. So anything Anthem, I am ready to be apart of! My name is Garret, I am foremost a gamer, but I also run a YouTube channel, Sly Nation. I'm on PC as well as Xbox...
  3. R

    Howdy from South Africa

    Hey there fellow Freelancers, I go by Frank aka RedTieGuy on Twitter and YouTube. Running AnthemHub with @Matthew and @eiam All the way from South Africa, Cape Town and about 9 hours ahead of US time so usually stay up late. We don't say howdy in South Africa though :D Video Editor and...
  4. R

    E3 Interview with Game Director

    During a YouTube E3 event, the game director was interviewed and it's definitely worth a watch Here is a recap I made from that interview