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  1. B

    Storm - Grandmaster 3 - Scorching Ice

    Javelin - Storm Designed Difficulty - Grandmaster 3 Build Name - Scorching Ice Hi my name is Burninalways and this will be my first guide for Anthem, and there maybe more to come. So some basics for playing as the Storm Javelin. Weapons are only to be used to boost damage of your abilities...
  2. H

    Anthems Current State 2/26/19

    I have played this game for at least 40 hours total and with that stated, I know what my opinion is about it that I want to state where I feel the majority of the player base can agree. Please keep in mind that I too paid full retail price for this game, so I have every right to say what I’m...
  3. Sintan

    Question about Flight controls

    Sooo I saw this on an Anthem guide article "There are 3 flight speeds available in Anthem. Full throttle and two others that slow your propulsion for easier maneuverability." but I cant see anywhere of how you do this, I tried looking in the keybinds but see nothing obvious that says flight...
  4. M

    PC Casual Gaming Crew (CGC) | Family Friendly

    Casual Gaming Crew are hitting Anthem, if you want to game with others that put life and family first, then come join us, over 18s only Discord: CGC Discord
  5. A

    XB1 | XBOX ONLY | DISCORD | JUST DON’T DIE (JDD) | 18+ | Established Clan Expanding To Anthem, Join Us!

    Welcome to JDD! We are a group of experienced gamers that are dedicated to being outstanding stewards of the gaming community. Good Friends, Good Gaming, Drama Free! ABOUT US: GAME DIVISIONS: JDD maintains a presence in multiple popular games. We are beginning our expansion into Anthem...
  6. Lixzer

    Early Access Stream

    Guys early access is upon us in just one day! My roommate and I are lucky enough to be able to play the and have full access to Anthem the full game starting Friday the 15th and will be streaming every second of it. I can’t wait to be able to share the content with everybody in hopes to convince...
  7. TAW-Denokiller


    My Name is Denokiller (Pronounced: Den O Killer, like an Irish name). I Have recently Been promoted to Staff Officer in our new Anthem Division in The Art of Warfare. I am a Older Gamer, but I love to play. Look me up if you want to play on PC sometime Origin: TAW-Denokiller Our TAW...

    XB1 FAIRYTAIL || DISCORD || MATURE 18+ ||recruiting

    Are you concerned you wont have anyone to explore anthem with, and all of its amazing content? Well look no further, as Fairytail may be the right spot for you. I started this guild for when Anthem launches on Xbox one as a way to bring players of all MMO levels together. We will be looking to...

    PC La Forja - EU PC - Spanish Community/Comunidad Española

    Saludos a toda la comunidad, somos un grupo de españoles, de mentalidad madura, que lleva jugando mas de 10 años juntos, algunos hasta 15 años... Intentamos que el enfoque sea crear un grupo para divertirnos y en el que la amistad es lo principal. Solemos jugar a bastante juegos, pero siempre...
  10. WaywardSatellite

    Anthem VIP Demo Recap and Impressions

    Most of the people here already know this stuff, it's more for anyone less in-the-know, but it gets into some basic similarities between Mass Effect 3 Co-op and Anthem. Hopefully it's also fun for anyone just looking for more Anthem content to watch/listen to while waiting for the game to come...
  11. AK0NN

    PC [EU/NA]Abyss Walkers[WALK] RECRUITING (PC)

    Hey! Akonn Here! Who we are? We are just an EU/NA guild with some experience with MMO RPG and ONlLINE games that want to create a funny and great community. What you need to join? We are open to players with any kind of skillset, be it completely new player or veterans. We will gladly help...
  12. M0m

    Javelin Junkies is looking for members :)

    Hey, let me introduce myself real quick. I'm M0m aka David. I come from a game called Sea of Thieves, where I led two of the biggest Communities on Discord and also created a large fan website. For Anthem, I am really looking forward to the beautiful world and just having a blast with friends...
  13. BaGGs_BetaCakeTV

    Hey there, I'm BaGGs from BetaCakeTV

    Hello! My name is BaGGs. I'm a hardcore gamer, live-streamer, and blogger. I assume everyone here is as hyped as I am for this game. Having watched the E3 trailer at least 100 times so far, I feel comfortable to say that the game can't possibly be boring to play. Just that tiny glimpse we got...
  14. R

    A Touch of Lore (theory)

    Lore Theory: Humanity left earth due to a lack of resources, wars, failed governments and ruined environments. We created a bastion on the closet habitable planet. And founded Fort Tarsus. Once we were established, we discovered other species that inhabited the same planet. After the same...
  15. Matthew

    What we know so far

    I would like to give credit to BSN.Boards.net for this information. The Game Concept Team with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both combined effort and individual skill. Each player’s choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role. As...
  16. Matthew

    BioWare Wishlist Thread

    Here is where everyone can post what they want most from BioWare regarding Anthem. I'll send this thread to a dev once we get a few replies. I'll start. :) Game API for Web Developers - this is mostly just for me :laugh: Weapon/Exo Customization - I would like to customize all aspects of our...