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  1. AK0NN

    [EU]Abyss Walkers[WALK] RECRUITING (PC)

    Hey! Akonn Here! Well, First of all, i want to say that we don't know at 100% that a guild system is gonna be in the game, so we are making this before knowing some stuff about guilds and social stuff. Who we are? We are just an EU guild with some experience with MMO RPG and ONlLINE games...
  2. M0m

    Javelin Junkies is looking for members :)

    Hey, let me introduce myself real quick. I'm M0m aka David. I come from a game called Sea of Thieves, where I led two of the biggest Communities on Discord and also created a large fan website. For Anthem, I am really looking forward to the beautiful world and just having a blast with friends...
  3. BaGGs_BetaCakeTV

    Hey there, I'm BaGGs from BetaCakeTV

    Hello! My name is BaGGs. I'm a hardcore gamer, live-streamer, and blogger. I assume everyone here is as hyped as I am for this game. Having watched the E3 trailer at least 100 times so far, I feel comfortable to say that the game can't possibly be boring to play. Just that tiny glimpse we got...
  4. R

    A Touch of Lore (theory)

    Lore Theory: Humanity left earth due to a lack of resources, wars, failed governments and ruined environments. We created a bastion on the closet habitable planet. And founded Fort Tarsus. Once we were established, we discovered other species that inhabited the same planet. After the same...
  5. Matthew

    What we know so far

    I would like to give credit to BSN.Boards.net for this information. The Game Concept Team with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both combined effort and individual skill. Each player’s choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role. As...
  6. Matthew

    BioWare Wishlist Thread

    Here is where everyone can post what they want most from BioWare regarding Anthem. I'll send this thread to a dev once we get a few replies. I'll start. :) Game API for Web Developers - this is mostly just for me :laugh: Weapon/Exo Customization - I would like to customize all aspects of our...
  7. C

    Commander Sage

    Greetings fellow Freelancers, my name is Commander Sage. I am honored to be apart the Anthem community. Currently I am playing Destiny on PS4. I also currently trying my hand on creating content during my free time. Anthem seems like the perfect time to jump in due to being an I.P. I am...
  8. Carlo

    The Wall

    The Wall. What little we have seen of it, it has taken a beating. The atmosphere in the bizarre does not indicate what's clawing at the wall. It becomes clear, or is it, that the Wall is part of Fort Tarsus. Even clearer of what it's keeping out.. What do you think, was it built...
  9. Carlo

    DEATH: How Should it be Handled?

    If not for the overly aggressive huge creatures, Mobs of Scars, Shaper Storms or a host of other things out in the wilds. You know we are going to end up face down on the jungle floor. So, how do you think BioWare should deal with death. Destiny had a good mechanic with the ghost, Assassin Creed...
  10. Matthew

    Anthem takes third place in IGN's People's Choice Award

    Every year IGN has a round of E3 awards dedicated to new games. This year Anthem took third place in the People's Choice Award. Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/06/13/best-of-e3-2017-awards?page=3 Spider-Man took first. I don't think we can blame it since it has had a lot more...
  11. Carlo

    Shaper Storms

    What are Shper Storms. The name may say it all as Matthew said in another thread, that they shape the landscape, I agree. I have been wondering about the second image. The two rings on the left side of the river valley seem to be some sort of fortifications. The ring on the right side is...
  12. Carlo

    The Striker

    If the Javelin to the far right in this image is indeed called a Striker it is certainly different from the other three. Based on the helmet in the second screenshot, Sandra is the Striker. Then the third image the Striker is to the far left with the cape.. We get a view of the back of the...
  13. Carlo

    Map Markers

    BioWare presented in the Anthem E3 trailer a few of the many map markers that will be in the game. Here are the ones I spotted. The image below shows a skull that probably signifies a high level enemy/creature (I mentioned this in a previous article). In the next image we see a icon of a...
  14. Carlo

    The 4 Classes in Anthem

    In this image put out by BioWare they seem to be pointing to four (4) classes that we can be. Two (2) we know of, from left to right, the Colossus, Ranger and the two (2) we we don't know the names of. The exo suit or javelin to the far right is different from the other three. Notice that this...
  15. Carlo

    Anthem, what's behind the title

    In the interview at E3 Jonathan Warner, the developer for Anthem, was asked about the name/title. He was reluctant to go into detail about the name other than a brief meaning, but wouldn't go further. an·them ˈanTHəm/ noun 1. a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group...
  16. Carlo


    In the above image from gameplay at E3 BioWare has created a very immersion heavy HUD. Very minimalist, even the pop up for chat from a player has been designed with that in mind. In games that can be modded the HUD is always the first thing to be reduced in size and scope. BioWare seems to...
  17. Carlo


    Matthew had brought up the question of crafting in another post which the images from Anthem E3 trailer may point to an answer to that question. In the first image Paul is accessing some sort of container as you see the light emitting from it. The second image there is a notification of "25...
  18. R

    Howdy from South Africa

    Hey there fellow Freelancers, I go by Frank aka RedTieGuy on Twitter and YouTube. Running AnthemHub with @Matthew and @eiam All the way from South Africa, Cape Town and about 9 hours ahead of US time so usually stay up late. We don't say howdy in South Africa though :D Video Editor and...
  19. R

    E3 Interview with Game Director

    During a YouTube E3 event, the game director was interviewed and it's definitely worth a watch Here is a recap I made from that interview
  20. R

    What we know so far - Speculations

    So with the teaser we saw on EA's conference, I looked at what we know based on the teaser and some information found elsewhere. We should know more after Microsoft's conference.