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  1. K

    PS4 (PS4)Guardianz Unchained sucht Mitglieder für Anthem!18+, Headset muss vorhanden sein!

    Der Clan Guardianz Unchained sucht neue Mitglieder!!!!!unseren Clan gibt es schon seit 2,5 Jahren, er besteht aus sehr freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Mitgliedern. Wir haben uns damals aus einem Destiny Clan zusammengeschlossen, um etwas Neues aufzubauen und die meisten von uns Zocken schon seit...
  2. SirjackofCamelot

    Any thoughts on...

    Any thoughts on if we have a legend of zelda like underwater temple stage? which would be cool a.f. and also any theories about the lava location in the Anthem poster?
  3. D

    Multi Wolf’s Dragoons

    Attn: Freelancers, Mercenaries, Adventurers We are proud to announce recruitment to our new Clan, The Wolf’s Dragoons. We have a talented founding team thus far of four which currently make up our Alliance Leadership. We are looking for dedicated members that enjoy Anthem as much as we do and...
  4. T

    How is the "open" World & other concerns

    I have a few questions on this. 1) How will the game go as far as playing with friends and doing missions? Is it like destiny to where you have to go to a planet ? Or more like the division to where it is all open with no loading screens? 2) If it is like destiny will it all be like destiny to...