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  1. Carlo

    What Could Have Been, It’s a Shame.

    The Concept Art of Beyond, the original title, shows the level of detail and thought that should have been the Anthem we have today. Each javelin had a role in the world of Anthem, designed to fit a particular function in that world with upgrades. The Arcanists, Corvus, Regulators, and Outlaws...
  2. Carlo


    In my book your young, welcome to the Hub for Freelancers. On PS4, gear up for the 22nd mate.
  3. Carlo

    hi everyone

    PC players are here so look under matchmaking, or recruitment. Welcome to the Hub.
  4. Carlo

    Greetings All

    Welcome, your at the right place. The Hub for all Freelancers.
  5. Carlo

    Hi all, I am Greatmarko

    Benvenuto amico mio, welcome to the Hub GreatMarko.
  6. Carlo


    Hello and welcome to the Hub for Freelancers.
  7. Carlo

    hi freelancers

    Welcome mate to the Hub. Grab a pint 🍺
  8. Carlo

    Exploring Fort Tarsis During the Demo

    “After a hard fought battle with an Ash Titan out in the wilds, I went to the local pub for a pint and some social time. The pub keeper and I started a conversation where he explained a relationship he was having with a married woman. He said it was just friendly but thought it could develop...
  9. Carlo

    Anthem is Not Your Ordinary Game!

    If you didn't play one of the three (3) demos that offered us a glimpse into the workings of Anthem. Then I have some other surprises that have happened in the world while you were in a coma. BioWare has made a complex and intriguing game, correction world. In many ways Anthem seems to be your...
  10. Carlo

    Glad to meet you!

    Hello Sutherland, and welcome to the Hub. blowing things up is a Freelancer trademark.
  11. Carlo


    Greetings Coorslight, nice to have you here. Love the handle 🍺
  12. Carlo

    Regarding recruiting...

  13. Carlo

    This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame

    Is there room for two...⏱
  14. Carlo


    🍺 Cheers to you fellow Freelancer, and welcome to the Hub.
  15. Carlo

    Geetings, All!:

    Matthew who? 😄😄 good to have you on the team, welcome CritiKiL.
  16. Carlo

    Launch Bay

    Listening to the community BioWare had made a number of tweaks to Anthem before we had the opportunity to jump into the demos. Now that everyone, and I mean everyone, experienced at least one of the demos. There has been all manner of great and outlandish suggestions of tweaks and improvements...
  17. Carlo

    Anthem Post Launch Roadmap

    Keeping the narrative going is smart on their part, engagement with an enveloping world is replayability. Smart!
  18. Carlo

    Choices of How Your Character Will Look Like (Pilot)

    No, just the head. I'd rather have them focus on the customization of the javelin anyway. Reaources!