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  1. Martin

    XB1 | XBOX ONLY | DISCORD | JUST DON’T DIE (JDD) | 18+ | Established Clan Expanding To Anthem, Join Us!

    And here we go..... again. No unnecessary bumping, please, read the rules. Recruitment Forum Rules
  2. Martin

    Lets Gooooo

    Gooooo freelancer, and welcome.
  3. Martin

    PC La Forja - EU PC - Spanish Community/Comunidad Española

    Estoy en Ps4..... es una pena, hubiésemos podido divertirnos un montón.
  4. Martin

    PC La Forja - EU PC - Spanish Community/Comunidad Española

    No puedo creer que me haya salteado este post, debe de ser la edad. Lamentablemente estamos como 6 horas desfasados, pero no creo que eso sea un impedimento para formar alianzas y juntar algunas "monedas" extras a la semana. Por otro lado, no están diciendo la plataforma de elección, PS4, XBOX...
  5. Martin

    Freelancers needed

    Hi muddy welcome to the Hub, as ALCHEMY said, please give more information about you. For example, your platform of preference, timezone, and primary language if needed. Also, it could help if you tell us more about you.
  6. Martin

    Hi all, I am Greatmarko

    Benvenuto amico, spero che trovi colleghi italiani a giocare. Pd: I don't know if google translator did a good job with that phrase... Original: Welcome friend, I hope you find Italian colleagues to play
  7. Martin

    PC Devils Brigade - [PC] International community inviting new players

    No unnecessary bumping, please, read the rules. Recruitment Forum Rules
  8. Martin


    Hi Crynasaur, welcome to Anthem Hub
  9. Martin

    Hey ! Nice to meet you .

    Welcome to the Hub Dirtybird
  10. Martin

    hi everyone

    Welcome to the site
  11. Martin

    Greetings All

    Welcome freelancer
  12. Martin


    Hi welcome to the Hub
  13. Martin

    PC The Art of Warfare [TAW] - More than just a gaming community..

    No unnecessary bumping, please, read the rules. Recruitment Forum Rules
  14. Martin

    Greetings from a Future Anthem Adict

    Hi Tor_Kallon welcome to the hub.
  15. Martin


    Hello Denokiller, welcome to the hub
  16. Martin

    Glad to meet you!

    Welcome Sutherland
  17. Martin


    I share your pain budy..... By the way, welcome Coorslight
  18. Martin

    My thoughts about the Alliance System

    I hate to upload videos on YouTube (unless is a good gameplay), but... now that there is no more Vine I have no option... I made this funny clip about the incoming Anthem Alliance System because I was bored... enjoy PD: Does anybody knows a good vine alternative? I couldn't find any...
  19. Martin

    I am told thbe game is getting "vote kick"......

    Is funny, someone on the admin sphere of Anthem Reddit, have the same thoughts as me... and just change the video sharing policy... almost at the same time I wrote the previous post..... like if our mind were synchronised... Subreddit Updates, Changes, and Clarifications I swear that I do not...
  20. Martin

    PS4 SiMiMuDe (IMWAM) is recruiting (SA)

    Well the language is not mandatory, but I understand you. Because you, like everyone else, deserve a place where you could freely talk with your friends in your native language, and I'm sure that you will find a lot of English speaking guilds out there. Nonetheless, feel free to ad me as a...