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    (PC/PS4) The Queens' Court welcomes you!

    We are The Queens' Court. A Discord Gaming Community where we make friends, grow bonds, and play games. But I'm here to talk about our Anthem section. Open to PC and PS4 players, we are a diverse group of Freelancers just waiting to squad up and take Bastion by storm! (No, not the Storm class...
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    Ranger Build Suggestions

    Freelancers, let people know what sort of builds y'all use for your Ranger class. A primer only build where you carry Venom Darts and Frost Grenade. Set enemies up for combos for your teammates to detonate. Maybe a solo build where you have two detonators and rely on your melee as your sole...
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    Javelin Pros and Cons

    Lol, I call it Trash Boi because I'm trash at using Int. I'm too reckless for it. Ranger is that sweet spot for me, tbh. I was originally a Colossus guy, and I slam with it (No pun intended), but I found out I like the Ranger better. Storm... Eh, not my style tbh.
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    Javelin Pros and Cons

    So I've wanted to make a thread letting people give their pros and cons about each Javelin. What do you like and dont like about the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, or Trash Boi? Let me know
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    Question about the end of the game. Potentional SPOILERS

    Sometimes, you're so focused on defending against what's trying to get in through your front door that you tend to forget about your back door...
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    Stronger Together

    Hello, AnthemHub! I'm here on behalf of our Discord Gaming Server, The Queens' Court in order to recruit more people to our ranks. Recruiting specifically for our Anthem section. It'll be a pleasure getting to talk to you all