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  1. Matthew

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  2. Matthew

    Here comes the BOOM!

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  3. Matthew

    PC Pro Gloria (For Glory) International Guild for Hardcore and Casual Players

    This thread has been opened again at the request of the guild's founder.
  4. Matthew

    Ello all! [PC] [NA] [PST]

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  5. Matthew

    Server errors

    This is not an official Anthem forum. You should report any bugs and problems on the official Anthem forum by EA.
  6. Matthew

    Hey Anthem peeps!

    Welcome to Anthem Hub! Glad to have you here!
  7. Matthew

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  8. Matthew

    Hello all.

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  9. Matthew

    Hello all

    Hello VP1, welcome to Anthem Hub.
  10. Matthew

    Agnarak has landed!

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  11. Matthew

    Unable to obtain Legendary Contracts - Need Dev Help Please

    Wait a minute, the web chat support sent you here? Anthem Hub? I find that surprising. This is not an official Anthem forum. This is a fan site created by me. I'm not a developer. I think the they probably meant the official Anthem support forum, located here...
  12. Matthew

    New forum "Builds & Guides"

    Hello freelancers! Quick update. I have created a new forum called "Builds & Guides" so that you guys can share your builds and any guides you create with us! - Matthew
  13. Matthew

    Anthems Current State 2/26/19

    Yep, I will try to forward to them.
  14. Matthew


    Welcome to Anthem Hub!
  15. Matthew

    Anthems Current State 2/26/19

    Everyone is allowed to have their opinion. I will not silence those who do know like the game. I agree with everything you've said. I'm sure that the developers are working fixing the problems. I believe the game will be much better down the road.
  16. Matthew

    Bad headache after ~20 hours of Anthem

    If this is the first FPS game you've played in a while, then you may be getting headaches due to motion sickness. This is common with FPS games.
  17. Matthew

    (in british accent) Hello There

    Welcome to Anthem Hub! Revan is one of my favorite Star Wars characters!
  18. Matthew

    Morning all

    Welcome to Anthem Hub! Nice to have another Matt here.
  19. Matthew

    Couple fun storm gear

    That outfit looks great!
  20. Matthew

    Hey Folks

    Welcome to Anthem Hub!