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  1. Carlo

    Hello All

    Hello ShadowGlock welcome to Anthem Hub, and the clock it ticking towards the launch. But first the VIP demo! Welcome.
  2. Carlo

    Hey There FreeLancers!

    Cheers to you Rocktronic, and a another round to you finding members for ECA. Welcome. 😀
  3. Carlo


    Hello Koda, nice to have a new face at the Hub. Old school rings a bell for me, and welcome.
  4. Carlo

    Hey, Hi, and Hello!

    Glad to have you here at the Hub. Choices, yes that tradional gameplay mechanic of an RPG. Who will I play? Let me have a beer as I think about it. 🙂
  5. Carlo

    How Many Javelins are gonna be in the game?

    BioWare stated, if I'm not mistaken, that you can chose different heads on you character. But not Customzation to you character as a whole. They (BioWare) doesn't want to spend resources on customization of a character but rather to our javelins.
  6. Carlo

    How Many Javelins are gonna be in the game?

    Don't know for sure what kind of javelins will be added to Anthem, but you can bet that there will be new javelins added over time. Each of the four (4) javelins will probably get new powers for new load outs. A good question will we get to have or pilot mechs? I think BioWare has a long game...
  7. Carlo

    Storm Javelin Gameplay Profile (IGN)

  8. Carlo

    Interceptor Javelin Gameplay Profile (IGN)

  9. Carlo

    Finding The Lost Arcanist, what's the true location?

    Where the hell are you Mathias? In the Live Stream from BioWare devs, rescuing Mathias (the lost Arcanist) the squad ends up in the middle of nowhere. I found it odd in the gameplay, and a little anticlimatic. The lost 15minutes of the IGN video of the Lost Arcanist, this shows the same mission...
  10. Carlo

    Hi, Akonn here

    Welcome AKONN, I'm on PS4 but will also be playing on PC later. Again welcome to the Hub.
  11. Carlo

    Mechs in Anthem!

    It would seem to be that Mechs will be apart of Anthem now, and in the future. We have had two (2) examples of the Scars mech, which will prove to be a potent enemy. In the 2018 Game Awards Trailer BioWare introduced large bipedal mechs in the assault on Freemarch, something that could be...
  12. Carlo

    Exclusive: Anthem - official CES 2019 Trailer (NVIDIA)

    The visuals are stunning, and you get the feeling of the Shaper technology and how imenance and powerful it is. New ememies such as the Scars Mech, and a weaponized creature a gift no doubt from the Dominion.
  13. Carlo

    Looking for some serious squadmates

    Anthem Hub is all about javelin pilots, and I'm sure you will find an Interceptor and Ranger pilots to compliment a Collusus javelin. A Storm pilot would round out your squad of four and add that shock factor to gameplay. But whoever your looking for welcome to the Hub.
  14. Carlo

    JoyFreak here

    Welcome to the humble abode of Anthem Hub joyFreak, the chairs feel great also 🙂
  15. Carlo

    15 Minutes of Lost Arcanist Gameplay.

    Here is some experienced javelin pilots!
  16. Carlo

    My Two Problems w/ Anthem Right Now

    Loot table; I can see your concern about having a specific loot drop for a specific boss. A possible problem to specific loot associated with a certain boss limits that location, if you get that specific item the need to run that stronghold again disappears. This would remove content from the...
  17. Carlo


    Welcome Cargan, like the perseverance in joining the Hub. Your the right squad mate to have on a Stronghold run. Never give up Cargan..
  18. Carlo


    Wassup GaLionPGN, 24 hour steam from day one (1). Yes, I will be watching, wait I'll be playing the game also on the PS4. Ohhhh see you there! 😎
  19. Carlo

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome soverryn to the Hub, It would seem that Anthem will have a lot of content to create from. I mean a lot!