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Anthem has been released!

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Hello fellow freelancers,

It's finally here! Anthem has finally been released. We've been waiting for Anthem for roughly two years! I built this site two years ago and it's been an amazing journey. Some of you guys have been with me since the beginning and I'm glad we've made it this far.

If you just found Anthem Hub due to Anthem's release, make sure to stop by the introduction forum and introduce yourself to everyone here...
To BioWare
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Considering the reports of Anthem being delayed till 2019 and the revelations about the gaming industry in particular EA, I have some thoughts on the development of Anthem and the Edmonton Studio. The Edmonton Studio produced Dragon Age and Mass Effect, arguably two of the top RPGs in gaming history. One essential aspect to the success of the Edmonton Studio was their ability to listen to feedback, feedback from us. They improved each game by listing to us and gained a fan base that...
Data Loss and Website Upgrade
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Hello fellow freelancers!

Last week I encountered a server issue that caused a major data loss. Fortunately, I did have a backup saved, however it was dated November 13th, 2017. As a result, any data and accounts created after November 13th, 2017 were lost. All images and avatars stored in the server were lost as well, which is why you will encounter broken images throughout the website. I took this opportunity to upgrade the website to XenForo 2.x. If you would to like to read up on the...