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Anthem has been released!

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Hello fellow freelancers,

It's finally here! Anthem has finally been released. We've been waiting for Anthem for roughly two years! I built this site two years ago and it's been an amazing journey. Some of you guys have been with me since the beginning and I'm glad we've made it this far.

If you just found Anthem Hub due to Anthem's release, make sure to stop by the introduction forum and introduce yourself to everyone here...

Cordex - The Backstory of Anthem

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The Cordex:
Bring to life a new IP and a new World there must be history, lore, and a sense of belonging and purpose. Who are we and what set the events that we find ourselves in into motion, and the possible course of action(s) that is needed. BioWare has provided this in the form of Cordex, written manuscripts, scrolls, small pieces of text hand scribed by scholars, historians, adventures. A mosaic of people, places, events that gives us that sense of purpose...

Were You Listening?

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Casey Hudson said about Anthem at E3, “Anthem is not a MMO not a multiplayer game with a story sort of bolted on the side, something new and different, and I think the team has really captured that vision over the years.” Let me state it a little differently, Anthem is not a FPS pretending to be a RPG with a campaign masquerading as a story. Everyone seems to think that Anthem is copying some FPS game out there, when in reality its the other way around. Casey...

BioWare at E3 2018?

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E3 2018 is but a few weeks away, what will BioWare present at this most anticipated event? We have had a vertical slice of Anthem in 2017, will BioWare provide a cinematic or gameplay footage? Will we learn more about the mechanics of the game since we know very little at this point? Will we discover were Anthem is within the universe and why we're there? Who are the freelancers and why are they tasked with defending Fort Tarsus? Questions on questions, but little...


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The BioWare studio in Edmonton is known for developing some of the best games in the RPG genre. Anthem may be added to their highly regarded titles of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Doing what you do best is building on that success and taking the next step forward. A new IP was the natural outgrowth of something they have been perfecting within their two main titles. A Shared World RPG. A co-op...
To BioWare
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Considering the reports of Anthem being delayed till 2019 and the revelations about the gaming industry in particular EA, I have some thoughts on the development of Anthem and the Edmonton Studio. The Edmonton Studio produced Dragon Age and Mass Effect, arguably two of the top RPGs in gaming history. One essential aspect to the success of the Edmonton Studio was their ability to listen to feedback, feedback from us. They improved each game by listing to us and gained a fan base that...
Data Loss and Website Upgrade
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Hello fellow freelancers!

Last week I encountered a server issue that caused a major data loss. Fortunately, I did have a backup saved, however it was dated November 13th, 2017. As a result, any data and accounts created after November 13th, 2017 were lost. All images and avatars stored in the server were lost as well, which is why you will encounter broken images throughout the website. I took this opportunity to upgrade the website to XenForo 2.x. If you would to like to read up on the...
E3 2017 Vertical Slice, why?
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The vertical slice: With about 18 months before Anthem launches (this is without delays) the E3 2017 trailer captured everyone's attention. What was so important for BioWare to announce Anthem at E3 2017? Without any other information such as concept art, screenshots, interviews or any other meaningful details released since E3, the question is why the vertical slice?

The “vertical slice” is a demo that shows the progress of a game, a cross-section of the layers within that game i.e. UI...

AnthemCast - Episode 3

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View attachment 385

Join us as we theorise, craft and break down the latest from Bioware’s next venture. AnthemCast is the show for New Freelancers looking to have a conversation around Bioware’s ANTHEM.

A Dynamic World!
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ANTHEM “A dynamic world where the unexpected is around every corner.”

[days-36-hours-278-lvl32] -posting about the Cydnus research facility-you've been warned!

Once again we found the hidden cleft amongst the thick vegetation in the canyon wall. Moving through it we came to the rusted out platform and stairs that overlooked the shaft that lead to Cydnus, we started our descent.

We cleared the last broken staircase to the bottom level of this crumbling and long dead research...

Anthem Cast - Episode 2

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Gaz and Binary talk to their experiences playing Bioware games from the early beginnings to the latest release in this two part coverage of Bioware’s history.

Join: Oh_Gaz & BinaryNumb plus a rotational seat on the show with members of the AU as we theorise, craft and break down the latest from Bioware.

A Shared-World RPG...The Social Bond
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“Hang in there i’m almost there” “I'm taking a betting here” “I'm fully charged now” “Bring It”. Our little band of four will enter Shaper Storms and take on the worst the wilds can throw at us, all to keep humanity safe behind the walls of Fort Tarsus. How will Anthem develop the social interactions that will create a bond between teammates and reward further gameplay.

I'm sure BioWare will have all the bells and whistles of mobile devices, streaming and a host of other media forms to...

AnthemCast - Episode 1

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In the beginning, there was an E3 trailer, of hope, glory and Freelancers flying around in Exo Suits. Yes that is right, this is the 1st of many to come from Anthem Universe, it is Episode 1 of AnthemCast.

Join: Oh_Gaz & BinaryNumb plus a rotational seat on the show with members of the AU as we theorise, craft and break down the latest from Bioware.

Listen to the podcast here! https://podcast.dzrgaming.com/podcast/episode-1-new-beginnings-for-anthem-community-and-more/

Anthem | Community Wishlist- What We Want to See In-Game.

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Hey, Guys! In this video, I go over the most requested community features. From this forum to Discord. Twitter to Reddit, I have read a ton of ideas and good ones at that. So I decided to take the ones I see talked about the most and create a video around it. Ever since Corey Gaspur asked for Fan input on what we would like to see added, I knew it would be a good video to create. Enjoy!

Javelin: Built for the Wilds

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The Javelin or Exosuits will be our armor against the dangers of the wilds. What can we expect from it. We get a look at the javelin repair bay where two mechanics are working/repairing two suits. This bay may be the storage area for our suits, a visible location of what we own, an armor stand if you will.

First of all they look practical, a lot of consideration by BioWare went into the design of the Javelin. When you stick those hero landings you're actually...

Anthem | Will Anthem Have Elemental Ultimates & Abilities? Let's Take a Look.

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Hey, guys! In this video, I go over the evidence of having elemental ultimates in Anthem. Check it out!

Anthem JAVELIN CLASSES EXPLAINED - Javelin Exosuit Types Classes

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Javelin exosuits are the most important piece of gear in Anthem. They dictate what your freelancer is capable of, their skills and abilities, as well as their role in combat.

Anthem- Bioware's 10 year plan: Will it Succeed Where Others Failed?

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Freelancers! Check out Bioware's latest announcement. Anthem's 10-year deal. Will it succeed where other games have failed?

Anthem- Gameplay Reveal Breakdown- Everything You Missed!

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Freelancers! Check out everything the video hides from you when you're not looking. Let's slow things down and check out what I found hidden in plain sight.

Freelancer Dispatch - Episode 1

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This if the first episode of Freelancer Dispatch! The first new podcast featuring Anthem!