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  • @ echo:
    are you going to pre order it i am
  • @ Carlo:
    Standard or legion of dawn?
  • @ Martin:
    Probably LoD, but only after I decide between Ps4 or Pc, and only after they give us more information regarding endgame monetization (they cleverly avoid all that stuff)
  • @ Carlo:
    Same here with getting LOD Edition. I do hope they continue to block any monitization after the endgame or any additional content that comes out!
  • @ Dohka:
    LOD definitely. If this game lives up to half the hype I have of it in my head, I'll be playing this game for a long time and I don't want to look back in six months and wish I had but hadn't.
  • @ Titan_X:
    Hey guys
  • @ Titan_X:
    I pre ordered the deluxe edition
  • @ Carlo:
  • @ adema360:
  • @ adema360:
    10 mins until livecast hype