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A Shared-World RPG...The Social Bond

  1. Carlo

    “Hang in there i’m almost there” “I'm taking a betting here” “I'm fully charged now” “Bring It”. Our little band of four will enter Shaper Storms and take on the worst the wilds can throw at us, all to keep humanity safe behind the walls of Fort Tarsus. How will Anthem develop the social interactions that will create a bond between teammates and reward further gameplay.

    I'm sure BioWare will have all the bells and whistles of mobile devices, streaming and a host of other media forms to deliver that part of the social contract. What I'm referring to is the social bond between players. The one that will make you want to jump into your Javelin every day and join your friends in their adventures and exploration. “Where are we going today” “South, we haven't gone South yet”. Will each of us have a story to uncover, similar to the individual stories of Shepherd’s team, “Hey guys, I've got to find out where this armor came from”. Some personal backstory or guest that leads us down some path that our teammates will experience with us. In turn we will aid them in theirs. Thus creating that shared experience for further exploration.

    “You did what, where. Been there and that never happen to us”. We need the mystery of what's around the next corner to keep us going deeper into the shared world of Anthem. Even if you're running solo that shared experience needs to be there. “You need to check this out”, “Nice weapon" " Some Freelancer was battling this creature. I jumped in and the two of us killed it, it dropped this legendary weapon, you should have been there”. Anthem always needs to offer us that sense of adventure.

    If that call, text or notification that you received to join up with your friends immediately, was to take part in a battle or the exploration of a cave that was just discovered. Then time zones won't make a difference if the pull of your friends and the experience is strong enough in this shared world of Anthem. BioWare needs to create a shared purpose for us to stay connected to our friends, clan and Anthem for years to come.