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  1. Matthew

    Is Monito Channeling Ronan

    Haha I do see the resemblance!
  2. Matthew

    Website Changelog

    12/11/2018 A new theme has been made available A new addition to the website has been added, the Cortex. This section mimics the in-game Cortex of Anthem. You can find information regarding the lore of Anthem there.
  3. Matthew

    The Outer Worlds

    I saw this as well. It's from the creators of the original Fallout and Fallout New Vegas. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Matthew

    The Dread Wolf Rises

    Yeah I would buy it on the spot as well. Dragon Age has a special place in my heart.
  5. Matthew

    The Dread Wolf Rises

    Oh yes it's starting! Can't wait for Dragon Age 4!
  6. Matthew

    New theme + Cortex

    Hello fellow freelancers! I have some exciting updates to share. Firstly, we have a new theme! I've been working on it for a couple weeks, and I feel like it's ready to show off. Second, we have a new section called Cortex! This basically mimics the in-game Cortex of Anthem where you look at...
  7. Matthew


    Independent lancers who chose to follow General Tarsis and the Path of Valor. They silence cataclysms and aid those in need beyond the safety of the walls. Freelancers act without direct orders from any central organization. Though there is no official code, the modern perception of Freelancer...
  8. Matthew

    A Plea To BioWare!

    I think that EA is finally listening to players. The developers have been very active on Reddit and replying to people's posts (see here: Dev tracker). After the Battlefront 2 fiasco, they really turned the game around. I hope/think they are going to take what they learned then, and apply it to...
  9. Matthew

    Do not discuss the Closed Alpha Playtest here or anywhere

    Please do not discuss the Closed Alpha Play Test here or anywhere besides the official Alpha Test forum. We already saw what could happen if we do. One streamer decided to stream it on Twitch and they might have lost their entire Origin library. Remember, you signed an Non Disclosure Agreement...
  10. Matthew

    Hello people

    I bet you will have another chance before February!
  11. Matthew

    Hello people

    That's unfortunate. I got my email a few days ago.
  12. Matthew

    Hello people

    Did you get into the Alpha test?
  13. Matthew

    Hello people

    Welcome to Anthem Hub! Glad to have you here!
  14. Anthem E3 Build Comparison

    Anthem E3 Build Comparison

  15. Matthew

    Sign-ups for the first alpha play test are now live!

    The sign-ups for Anthem's first alpha play test are now live! https://help.ea.com/en/help/anthem/anthem/anthem-closed-alpha-info/ From the page: What’s a Closed Alpha? It’s an opportunity for you to check out Anthem but we’ll also be adjusting things like matchmaking and server load on the...
  16. Matthew

    What game have you bought recently?

    I bought Wolfenstein 2 and AC: Odyssey for Black Friday.
  17. Matthew

    Get to know your Javelin

    EA has released information about each Javelin on their website, detailing their skills and abilities. Ranger: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-ranger-javelin Colossus: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-colossus-javelin Storm...
  18. Matthew

    Anthem Nov 15 Livestream Discussion

    There was an a livestream yesterday featuring the character customization features. You can change your helmet, arms, chest, legs, paint, wear state, and animations (emotes, landing, victory pose). You have six layers to modify, three hard surfaces and three soft surfaces, and different...
  19. Matthew

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to say hello ;)

    Welcome to Anthem Hub! Hope to see you around.
  20. Matthew

    Anthem finished it's first closed alpha

    Ben Irvo, BioWare's lead producer, announced on Reddit that they finished the first closed alpha for Anthem. Here is what he said: Let me know your thoughts!